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Research Projects

Arthur Bay

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Arthur Bay

Site Information


STEP 1 – Transect A reference point

  • Description: Lumpy Porites colony about 2m in diameter
  • Location: 25m from the rocks on the north side of the bay
  • GPS Location (DDM): 19° 7.727’S 146° 52.683’E
  • GPS Location (DMS): 19° 7’43.60″S  146°52’40.96″E

STEP 2 – Transect A survey direction

  • Direction: 263° Magnetic (almost West)

STEP 3 – Transect A survey direction marker

  • Description: The Roof of the Arthur Bay House

STEP 4 – Transect A survey end point

  • Description: Large sandy hole in the reef
  • Location: 23m west of the start point
  • GPS Location (DDM): 19° 7.727’S 146° 52.669’E
  • GPS Location (DMS): 19° 7’43.60″S 146°52’40.16″E