Partnerships & Brand Development

The Coral Sea Foundation is an innovative organization committed to taking action for reef conservation and showcasing its efforts through a strong media presence both within Australia and internationally. We invite partners to join us on our journey to make a meaningful impact in the marine conservation space while enhancing their own brand reputation.

By partnering with the Coral Sea Foundation, you will gain access to a modern and unique platform to showcase your brand’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Our core philosophy combines the thrill of tropical maritime exploration with a serious focus on gender equity, science-based conservation, coral reef ecotourism, and renewable energy implementation. As a partner, you will be part of a sustainable management agenda in one of the most visually stunning and ecologically important regions of the world.

Our team of experts is equipped with the necessary skill set to help partners achieve their goals while aligning with our mission. By partnering with us, you will leverage our expertise and make a tangible difference in the conservation and management of reefs, islands and people around the Coral Sea arc. In return, you will reap substantial benefits, including increased brand recognition and visibility, and a positive impact on your corporate social responsibility profile.

We invite you to explore partnership opportunities with the Coral Sea Foundation and contribute to a more sustainable future for our oceans. Please contact Dr. Andy Lewis directly to discuss how we can work together.

Coral Sea Foundation Director
Executive Director

Dr. Andy Lewis

Andy is a professional marine scientist and mariner with a Ph.D. in coral reef ecology from James Cook University.
He managed the ecotourism activities aboard the expedition vessel True North for over a decade, exploring and surveying reefs across a wide variety of tropical locations, from the Rowley Shoals to theGreat Barrier Reef in Australia; Komodo, Raja Ampat, and West Papua in Indonesia; the Bismarck Sea and Louisiade Archipelago in PNG, and the Western Province of Solomon Islands.
An expert underwater photographer and engaging public speaker, Andy’s passion for the reefs, islands, and people of the South-Pacific is tangible and drives the development of the Coral Sea Foundation as a platform for delivering his vision for marine conservation across the Eastern Coral Triangle.

email: [email protected]