Our Mission


Our Mission is to raise awareness of the ecological and social value of the reefs of the Coral Sea, Melanesia and the Great Barrier Reef, and to be proactive in their sustainable management.

Our unique approach combines science, gender equity, and sustainability with captivating visuals and a compelling social media presence. The Coral Sea Foundation develops pragmatic reef monitoring solutions and works with First Nations custodians to develop marine reserves that enhance fisheries and protect biodiversity.

We fully support a global transition to renewable energy as a means of mitigating the effects of climate disruption on coral reefs, and we have a strong commitment to delivering our programs with innovative sailing vessels driven by wind power and biofuels.

In short, these coral reefs are too precious to lose, and we appreciate your unwavering support.

The Coral Sea Foundation supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is committed to building a more sustainable and equitable future.

We have a primary focus on Life Below Water, but we are also making contributions to various other areas such as Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Climate Action, and Partnerships for the Goals.